“The Devil’s Triangle” Bermuda, mystery solved!

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“The Devil’s Triangle” Bermuda, mystery solved!

Every aircraft, ship, or people that go near the Bermuda triangle just simply disappears, this must not be a coincidence. There has to be a reason behind this odd situation, don’t freak out there is nothing creepy!

Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devil’s Triangle, is a large area in the Atlantic Ocean, making a triangle with three different points which are Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. The place is known for years and there is nothing new about it! But, there is always something hidden you can’t know all isn’t it? Merely, scroll down and know why every object just couldn’t survive near or over The Devil’s Triangle.

The Science Channel claims a theory/reason behind this unprecedented and momentous mystery. A team of American Scientists forms the University of Colorado has analyzed thoroughly the weather satellite images of this notorious area aka devil’s triangle and noticed an unusual hexagonal patch of clouds all over the area. The meteorologists said that these clouds might act as an “air bomb” which means that these can cause the deadly blasts of air, and it is obvious that it could exceed up to 170 miles per hour moreover, it is certain that none of the aircraft's or ships could bare a massive storm like this, which results in a destruction and a destruction to a level that they can never be found again!

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