15 cool things you didn't know about the body

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15 cool things you didn't know about the body

The more we think we know ourselves, the more it is likely that we don't. BrightSide brings us an interesting video where they tell us many intriguing facts about our body that we probably didn't know before. With discovery from science, we can eventually get rid of any misconceptions that we have. In some cases, we don't even realise how evolution plays a role in some of the actions and reactions our body does throughout the day.

Let's dive into some of the questions you might have had but don't know the answers to:

Why do we bite our lips?
This one is a no brainer, however people don't think about it. Our body reacts to dry lips by biting them, to provide the moisture. But then biting makes them crack even more, so it's better to use a chapstick next time you notice biting your lips.

Why do we forget our dreams?
To put it, the brain does not like to keep any information that isn't in chronicle order and is somewhat confusing. So, as soon as you wake up, you forget your dream and start thinking about everyday life. It just filters out misleading parts.

Why do we wake up before the alarm clock?
Adrenaline plays a vital role in our body. It is known as the fight, flight or freeze hormone. However, our brain isn't a fan of it. Hence, when a bell rings, our brain wakes us up to save us from the shock.

These and many more other fascinating things are included in the video such as why we feel motion sickness, why we sweat then we are nervous and how evolution and development is responsible for them.

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